end of the line

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I am not fishing for votes, but if I am not a councillor in May it might be that the development proposals get put on the back burner, or even that it will be the end of the line for them.
Those long URLs are common to special-offer pages, and they can get broken off at the end of the line and passed to the Web browser incomplete.
The Kizilay Station, located at the end of the line, serves the downtown area and is located at one of the busiest intersections in the city.
Sale of Nortel's UMTS UTRAN portfolio to Alcatel essentially means the end of the line for these systems.
Arguing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has failed to remedy a discriminatory transportation system, the Bus Riders Union is fighting to extend a 10-year consent decree, but MTA officials say they see the end of the line ahead.
The trains stop at the end of the line near Causey Arch viaduct, where visitors can meet Father Christmas in his grotto.
In irreverent language, the conductors of this train stomp through the rail cars of what has become conventional business, announcing the end of the line for the big corporation mentality.
Also, birds dozing at the end of the line resorted to single-hemisphere sleep, rather than total relaxation, more often than inner ducks did.
We're very satisfied with the automated tagging because we don't have to hire workers to stand at the end of the line slapping on labels.
If this is the end of the line for me,'' Hamblen said, ``it's been a terrific run.
Sooner or later they come to the end of the line and foreclosures jump.
Kim Basinger stars as a kidnapped Brentwood science teacher whose only hope of escape is a surfer dude on the other end of the line in ``Cellular.
At the end of the line, the boxes were sealed and placed on wooden pallets, ready for another volunteer with a forklift to transport to waiting trucks in the parking lot.
Construction has begun on the western end of the line in Minnesota, and successful negotiations with private landowners in Marathon County have resulted in securing more than 40 easements.
Sutherland plays The Caller, the voice on the other end of the line that's threatening and tormenting Stu, Farrell's flop-sweating publicist.