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disorder in which serous fluid accumulates in a body sac (especially in the scrotum)

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The other causes were epididymal cyst 11%, congenital hydrocele 14%, encysted hydrocele of cord 7%, secondary hydrocele 2%, haematocele 3%, pyocele 4% and spermatocele 2%.
Out of 24 cases 10 cases were primary vaginal hydrocele (71%), 4 cases were encysted hydrocele of cord (28.
2,3) Of the total 35 cases diagnosis of hydrocele proved surgically, 9 were congenital hydroceles (Inguinoscrotal), 5 were encysted hydrocele of cord, both congenital hydrocele and encysted hydrocele of cord confirmed by postoperative findings.
Differential diagnosis of funiculitis, incarcerated hernia and the infected encysted hydrocele of the cord was made.
This study does not include inguinoscrotal swellings like, funicular hydrocoele, filarial hydrocoele, infantile hydrocoele and encysted hydrocele of the cord.