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In part, this is a historical "other", located across the discipline's checkered past and associated, for example, with the hyper-quantification of the world during the heyday of numbers, or the encyclopedism of the old-fashioned, Vidalian regional studies.
1) I distinguish scholastic encyclopedism from earlier medieval encyclopedism; for an explanation of the traits that set the later movement apart, see my Encyclopedic Writing, ch.
Contemporary literary criticism labeled it an "encyclopedia of Russian society"--a label that, throughout the history of its interpretation, certainly obscured the purely literary encyclopedism of the text.
There is an encyclopedism to the way the Enlightenment mind works.
Otto Neurath, 'The Orchestration of the Sciences by the Encyclopedism of Logical Empiricism', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 6, 4, (1946): 499-500.
Concerning The American Woman's Home, Jane Tompkins specifically argues, "The imperialistic drive behind the encyclopedism and determined practicality of this household manual .
In the context of Le Palais as a fragmented encyclopedia, the parody could even be explicitly targeted at the promise apparent in some formulations of encyclopedism, where a single group of secrets would provide the key to the whole of learning.
The Underwritten Circle: A Theory of Fictional Encyclopedism (James Joyce, Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Benet).
Chapter 1, "The Space of the Encyclopedia," describes the evolution of the form, charting within that story an essential doubleness epitomized by Rabelais's allegory of encyclopedism in Pantraguel (1535), which captures the way the encyclopedia appears as "alternately, and often in the same form, a spring of truth and a pit of error because one of [its] .
Key words: Isidorus, encyclopedism, philosophy, sciences, Antiquity, Middle Ages.
My other two examples reveal how Landino's use of scientific information is motivated not only by reasons of didactic encyclopedism, but also by the need to engage with earlier commentators and to offer new critical readings of passages in the Commedia.
Dante is able to give the illusion of encyclopedism without fully embracing it.
The Royal School of Library and Information Science in Denmark, for example, actually had departments for science and technology, social sciences, and humanities teaching subjects such as special bibliography, subject literature, subject encyclopedism, and the philosophy and communication of subject knowledge.
A diagrammatic impulse-a tendency to map, outline, and spatialize segments of knowledge-underlay the strain of encyclopedism that stretched from Ramus to Bacon, Alsted, Comenius, Leibniz, Chambers, Diderot, and d'Alembert.
Admittedly, such encyclopedism is cumbersome in print form.