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Synonyms for encyclopedic

Synonyms for encyclopedic

broad in scope or content

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The author analyzes three encyclopedic novels from Mexico, Canada, and the US--Carlos Fuentes' Terra Nostra, Jacques Poulin's Volkswagen Blues, and Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the Dead--as well as the precursor of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick.
the contract is for the provision of French and foreign printed books, as well as the supply of subscriptions to French and foreign periodicals, scientific, technical, medical, and encyclopedic cultural content, for teaching and research at UPMC.
From the symbol of the unit length angstrom, to zymogenous, which describes organisms that can survive in periods of dormant or rapid growth depending on the availability of organic matter in the soil, this encyclopedic dictionary by Adrian (an independent consulting engineer) defines some 28,00 terms related to water treatment, wastewater treatment, excreta disposal, residuals processing, environmental health, and related applications and equipment, covering both proprietary and nonproprietary technologies.
He has a keen understanding of the institution, its rich and varied collections and programs, and its vital regional, national and international roles as an encyclopedic museum and public institution.
Bryce's method of reconstruction and artistic appropriation of history has by now taken on encyclopedic dimensions.
The previous champion--Panupol Sujjayakorn, 21, of Thailand--wen with an encyclopedic memory of Scrabble's official word list, but had a limited command of spoken English.
Some contributors seem to have written their articles with an encyclopedic format very much in mind.
Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine Detlev Ganten, Klaus Ruckpaul, eds.
His passion in life is heavy metal music, about which he has encyclopedic knowledge.
The Treasury Of Knowledge: Systems Of Buddhist Tantra is book six, part four of an encyclopedic set relating the entire breadth of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet.
The author made a conscious decision to avoid encyclopedic referencing to enhance readability.
All in all, this is an encyclopedic work that takes an enormous amount of information and makes is readily accessible for either study or reference.
Also, despite the fact that Neal possesses encyclopedic knowledge about music, poetry, current events, and popular culture and, although he does cite some influential contemporary scholars, including Cornel West, Toni Morrison, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
The subtitle gives it away: there's much too much going on in this breathless, encyclopedic tour of the spiritual dimensions of "the desert.
Always interested in new ideas, he kept his encyclopedic knowledge of dance fresh.