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Synonyms for encyclopedic

Synonyms for encyclopedic

broad in scope or content

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By contrast, a large subject like "evaporites" is treated in a single entry, in which, in limited space, the authors attempt to produce an encyclopedic entry covering such disparate topics as the economic uses, social history, environment of formation, and geochemistry of evaporites, as well as the Phanerozoic evolution of seawater.
Miles focuses on the years 1965 to 1971, grokking the immense variety of hippies with an obsessive and encyclopedic attention to detail that has scarcely been seen in American letters since Ishmael's musings on sea creatures in Moby Dick.
Encyclopedic seems to be the word for Hoerder's Cultures in Contact--two of the three blurbs on the back of the dust jacket use this adjective.
One of the many strengths of Deloince-Louette's treatment is her keen understanding and exposition of the various ideological, doctrinal, and rhetorical tensions that inhabit Sponde's well-crafted commentariis perpetuis, the perpetual assistance he provides the reader embarking on the enormous task of negotiating the world of Homer's encyclopedic and foundational fictionalization of the ancient Greek ethos.
He was also the resident sports fanatic with daily encyclopedic commentary on recent sporting events.
Colleagues were awed by her deep intellectual courage; her encyclopedic knowledge of League history and her unwavering focus on the future; her mentoring, wordsmithing and confidence-building skills; her enthusiasm for life even during chemotherapy.
For those of us who are not Q experts, this work reads more like an encyclopedic reference than an introduction.
Although the translation sometimes reads awkwardly, the information and insights that this encyclopedic, lavishly illustrated volume offers are worth considering--and often savoring--as they knowledgeably illuminate the social attitudes, cultural values and political aspirations that distinguish the modern arts of Africa.
Waste of the West (Arizona Lithographers, $28), author Lynn Jacobs' encyclopedic criticism of public land ranching, describes how livestock have stripped the range of its natural flora and displaced indigenous animals.
In Britain they are often called trainspotters or anoraks, and their encyclopedic knowledge, singular focus, and endless talking about their hobby often make them bores to be around.
He revealed encyclopedic knowledge of every politician of every party in the parliament, young and old, as well as personal knowledge of every important bureaucrat across virtually every ministry and agency.
In this biography of Harrington, he supplements his usual encyclopedic research with a personal familiarity with both the man and the New Left.
This book is unlike either the traditional question-and-answer Baltimore Catechism or the contemporary, encyclopedic Catechism of the Catholic Church.
An encyclopedic "Continuing Education Project" which evolves into a survival lesson on complexity and ecological wisdom, Richard Powers's The Gold Bug Variations strives to be nothing less than "the universe's User's Manual"--"Not a how-to, but another kind of self-help manual all together" (Gold Bug 124, 88; Galatea 241).
Crammed into a mere ninety-six pages, Nicolas Walter's book is a readable, comprehensive, almost encyclopedic exploration of the origins and meanings of the word humanism and a guide through the history of the humanist movement across the world.