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a person who compiles information for encyclopedias

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So Luca Pacioli, whom we don't really know much about, was not only the father of accounting, he was also the great mathematical encyclopaedist of the Renaissance and the foremost expert on the mathematics for the art of perspective painting, which was the new way of painting that appeared to be in three dimensions instead of in two dimensions.
Isidore of Seville (Isidorus Hispalensis, 560-636) was a theologian (later he became archbishop of Seville and entered Catholic hagiography as Saint Isidore) and encyclopaedist.
2) sources from antiquity, such as the renowned Roman medical encyclopaedist Celsus, claim that Herophilus also practised vivisection.
The sixteenth century encyclopaedist Joachim Fortius believed that "if a student wished to make progress, he should arrange to give lessons daily in the subjects which he was studying, even if he had to hire pupils" (Gartner 15, ital.
18) For the encyclopaedist, natural law theory represents a limited conception of reason that was propagated in one variation or another by historical figures such as Aristotle and St.
Polanyi's description of what he calls the "objectivist" maps directly onto MacIntyre's encyclopaedist.
It seems fitting that this review of the articles published over the last 40 years in the Australian Journal of Social Issues on the broad topic of social security and social welfare should begin with an article by the great encyclopaedist of the Australian welfare system, T.
Raukas' role with one word, we call him an encyclopaedist.
Born 28 Mar 1890, Maryborough Vic; died 10 Jul 1977, Cremorne NSW; OBE, CMBOU, FRHistSQ, FRZS, journalist, ornithologist, encyclopaedist.
The moment of her death was the most popular subject, followed by her extravagance, as reported by the Roman encyclopaedist the elder Pliny, who described a competitive banquet in which Cleopatra outdid Antony by tearing off her pearl earring, dropping it in vinegar, and drinking it.
Of one thing, however, there can be no manner of doubt, 'no probable possible shadow of doubt, no possible doubt whatever', Mr Rebellow is a peerless, enthusiastic, outstandingly industrious encyclopaedist of Bordeniana.
ONE OF OUR MOST valuable witnesses to authentic traditions surrounding the life and teachings of Mani, as well as to the subsequent history of Manichaeism within the Islamicate cultural sphere, is contained in the ninth chapter of the kitab al-Fihrist, or "Bibliographic Compendium," of Ibn al-Nadim, a book merchant and encyclopaedist who lived and wrote in Baghdad during the late tenth century of the Common Era.
54) Many of Ovid's medieval readers saw in him an encyclopaedist, a scientific and philosophical thinker who had clothed the systema mundi in allegorical garb and had put forward his ideas in the guise of a symbolic narrative.
22) Presenting themselves as selflessly devoted to the well-being of the country and capable of seeing what others have neglected, the encyclopaedist and the inspector sought to produce a smooth surface governed by a rational principle.
Murray Schafer and Harry Somers, but also the Canadian aspect of the careers of such disparate figures as the encyclopaedist Gustav Schilling, who lived in Canada for ten years during the nineteenth century, and the trumpet virtuoso Herbert L.