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broad in scope or content


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We drop the requirement that addiction is a chemical/biological dependency while other components of the logical and encyclopaedic entries are left intact: addictions are addictions *, but not all addictions* are addictions.
The problem for PPA is that relaxing or filtering out logical or encyclopaedic information should yield an intersecting ad hoc concept with a broader extension that covers some or all the things denoted by the pre-loosened concept.
So even if we were to deploy a secondary stage of loosening/narrowing on the logical or encyclopaedic entries of SUN--such as located at the centre of a system--, there does not seem to be a way of generating the requisite concept SUN *.
First, it modifies the accessibility of information in the encyclopaedic entries that constitute the utterance--some are primed while others are made less salient; in turn, other contextual assumptions and implications become more or less relevant.
For those interested in an encyclopaedic catalogue of every theoretical idea and term of jargon which has yet been proposed, this is your dream come true; for those interested in one workable practical application of a "quick-and-dirty" methods approach, utilizing real examples from the real world, I would recommend Embry and Catuneanu (2002).
This is an encyclopaedic page that explains such terms as broadband to the more obscure references that only true geeks understand.
Following a 40-year succession of mis-steps, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has finally commissioned architecture worthy of its encyclopaedic collections of classic and contemporary Asian, European, and American arts.
The book is packed with hundreds of easy-to-adapt clauses, in true encyclopaedic format, on subjects you deal with every day: attorneys' fees; child custody and visitation; child support; division of property; children's education, from primary school through graduate school; estate planning; health insurance and medical expenses; life insurance; the marital home; maintenance and alimony; and tax planning and tax returns.
In parts the exhibition resembles that of an avid collector with truly encyclopaedic taste ranging from rare books, to illustrations by Gilly, street and house-hold furniture as well as the obligatory plans and models and, of course, the paintings.
Encyclopaedic coverage on all the major pricing and valuation theories and methods
Commentators as different as Peter Hall in his encyclopaedic and scholarly Cities in Civilisation, and Rem Koolhaas in the polemic of S,M,L,XL, agree that the contemporary city defies simple description.
Presenting a unique encyclopaedic view of the credit derivatives market this new multi-contributor title will guide you in all aspects of this rapidly growing sector - providing you with a firm grasp of everything from the basics to the more involved quantitative issues.
Combining the views of some of the most prominent thinkers and renowned practitioners in the credit derivatives market, this title's unique encyclopaedic coverage of the sector spans everything from the basics to much more advanced quantitative issues
The new Korean Gallery at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art represents the culmination of the Met's encyclopaedic survey of Asian art begun over 30 years ago.
Levine's monograph is not what its size and title might suggest, an encyclopaedic compendium of plans, so is perhaps best read m company with William Allin Storrer's invaluable Frank Lloyd Wright Companion.