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broad in scope or content


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At a certain point this process topples into the encyclopaedic, and it's time to jump tracks again, back to the reductive, to exactitude, to the diagrammatic.
So, Sequence Stratigraphy of Clastic Systems does provide encyclopaedic, in-depth and unbiased coverage of all current ideas and models in the field, and I commend the author for this effort.
Though she adopts a "perspective supranationale," she eschews an encyclopaedic approach (Waquet, 11-13; Howe, 3-4).
In the story, the Guide was a hand-held talking computer crammed with encyclopaedic data on just about everything in the Universe.
The Encyclopaedic Companion to Medical Statistics contains readable accounts of the key topics central to current research and practice.
Following a 40-year succession of mis-steps, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has finally commissioned architecture worthy of its encyclopaedic collections of classic and contemporary Asian, European, and American arts.