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a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty

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For more than 240 years, iconic leather-bound volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica stood on the shelves of homes, libraries and businesses everywhere.
Tracey Calcutt, marketing manager commented Since we launched the first edition of the Encyclopaedia in September 2010 we have received great feedback about the overall content and the usefulness of the information included, not only about Excel but about structured cabling in general.
Dr Abdullah Ebrahim, an Iraqi critic and professor who specialises in narrative studies and culture, started research work on the encyclopaedia nearly 20 years ago.
Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Mansour Mohammed Ali, a judge of the Court of Appeal and the head of the Encyclopaedia Committee of the SJC, said, "This collection is intended to simplify the work of lawyers, judges and others working with the legislature.
Information available through the Encyclopaedia Britannica App covers a wide variety of subjects and is provided by professional editors and expert contributors.
We apologise to all those who have yet to receive their copies of the encyclopaedia and thank them for their patience.
They will all be signing the very first copies of the English language version of The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia to go on sale.
The encyclopaedia contains information on the life-cycle of each disease, a description of the hosts affected and their symptoms, a section on control and an extensive photo gallery of symptoms.
The Congoo NetPass is an innovative concept that brings power and convenience to Web searchers," said Dan Smith, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at Encyclopaedia Britannica.
A British schoolboy has written to the publisher of the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica' to point out a number of errors in the 15th edition of the encyclopaedia.
This is a home-made online encyclopaedia, intended to be just as detailed and authoritative as any other.
Du Bois sought to publish nothing less than the equivalent of a black Encyclopaedia Britannica, believing that such a broad assemblage of biography, interpretive essays, facts, and figures would do for the much denigrated black world of the twentieth century what Britannica and Denis Diderot's Encyclopedie had done for the European world of the eighteenth century.
Whatever your dream destination, IBM World Book Multimedia Encyclopaedia 1999 offers hundreds of places to visit and thousands of gripping features that will inspire you throughout the summer holidays.
It should be noted that neither Grove nor Encyclopaedia Britannica bothers with an index.
Mr Darren Latuske diagnosed his own brain tumour after reading a set of encyclopaedias his mother had lying around the house as part of her job as a sales rep for Encyclopaedia Britannica.