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a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world


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Leo XIII, encyclical letter Rerum Novarum (May 15, 1891), 20.
Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Letter, Populorum Progressio (Mar.
The essays are offered in direct response to and appreciation for Pope John Paul II's invitation to other church leaders and theologians in his 1995 encyclical letter, "Ut Unum Sint," to engage him in a "patient and fraternal dialogue" on the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, in particular the way that papal primacy is exercised on behalf of the unity of the whole church (p.
Although the priority given to the poor conforms to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as expressed in Popularum Progressio, the referential encyclical letter on development written in 1967 by Pope Paul VII, the perception of underdevelopment and its factors together with the opinion on the means and tools of development draw a line between traditionalist and modernist.
119), namely Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, whose encyclical letter Fides et ratio "laments the decline of Aristotelian scholasticism since the Second Vatican Council and calls for a revival of Thomism in Catholic centers of learning" (p.
They paid particular attention to Pope John XXIII's encyclical letter, Pacem in Teris (1963), and to drafts of the Council's Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modem World (1965), two documents CPFers felt called Catholics to work for peace.
Building on this teaching, Pope Paul VI, in his encyclical letter Mysterium fidei, while reaffirming the teaching of the Council of Trent on transubstantiation, also speaks of the "real presences" of Christ in the church manifested in acts of mercy, in preaching God's Word, in shepherding God's people, and in the celebration of all the sacraments.
It was the great English Cardinal Henry Manning who in part instigated Pope Leo's encyclical letter De Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of Labour) which influenced and inspired thinkers and activists.
The pope commissioned the American priest to write a draft for an encyclical letter on the subject: "Say quite simply what you would say to the whole world if you were yourself the pope.
The church has never formally condemned the theory of evolution, but its strongest statement of concern came in the encyclical letter ``Humani Generis,'' which was issued by Pope Pius XII in 1950.
NEW YORK, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Times Books will publish Pope John Paul II's encyclical letter entitled THE GOSPEL OF LIFE (Evangelium Vitae), it was announced today by Peter Osnos, Publisher of Times Books.
In a speech on the White House South Lawn, the Argentine pontiff lauded President Barack Obama's efforts to reduce air pollution, months after Francis made the environment one of his top issues by issuing a landmark encyclical letter to the church.
Saying that the idolatry of the market "equally disregards the environment," Rodriguez also confirmed that Francis is writing an encyclical letter on environmental issues.
On Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI released the third Encyclical Letter of his pontificate, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) a major document on the Social Teaching of the Church.
It is found in "Redemptoris Missio" (1992), the Encyclical Letter on Mission, where under no.