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Synonyms for encyclical

a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world

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intended for wide distribution

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The encyclical stresses the need for us as human beings to see all aspects of creation as having value and a right to exist apart from any benefit we might gain by virtue of their existence.
Father Ashley Beck, an assistant priest in Beckenham, London, explaining why he believes Catholics cannot dissent from Laudato Si', Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment (The Catholic Herald)
Finally, no mention has been made of the most obvious omission from the Encyclical.
The encyclical is an inflated version of the joint statement issued in April after the Vatican's conference on climate change, and the two documents ignore all scientific evidence to the contrary and present identical arguments: Humans are destroying the Earth, and radical environmentalism is a moral imperative.
In other words, the Holocene's defining features are critical to support human civilization as we know it -- a conclusion that the latest encyclical supports.
Archbishop Cupich will discuss the teachings contained in the Pope's encyclical and how he expects to continue and amplify the archdiocese's environmental stewardship efforts.
A high-level workshop in the Vatican this week on the moral dimensions of climate change is one of several major events planned by the Roman Catholic Church in anticipation of an encyclical on the environment the pope plans to issue this summer.
Encyclicals are theological documents traditionally used for the most important papal teachings.
Two days after Pope Benedict XVI's social encyclical Caritas in Veritate was published on July 7, 2009, an international philosophy and theology conference convened in Nottingham that became the first extended theological discussion of the encyclical in Britain.
No one who pays attention to the "professional Catholic" world can deny the existence of this hermeneutic, and there are probably very few people who have changed their political opinions due to an encyclical.
Like many others beginning with Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum of 1891, Caritas in Veritate is a social encyclical.
The appearance of articles on a papal encyclical affords me the opportunity to reflect on the historical rise of this medium of magisterial teaching as well as on some questions it raises for the relationship between the magisterium and theologians.
It was over forty years ago that the encyclical Humanae vitae was published.
Bush--his views on the encyclical had been eagerly awaited.
The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and former Archbishop of Birmingham, said the encyclical Charity in Truth, or Caritas in Veritate, issued by the Pope, was a "profoundly optimistic" document tackling economic development and globalisation.