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Synonyms for encyclical

a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world

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intended for wide distribution

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Unfortunately, the encyclical does not explain the method it applies in its use of Sacred Scripture.
No one who pays attention to the "professional Catholic" world can deny the existence of this hermeneutic, and there are probably very few people who have changed their political opinions due to an encyclical.
Like many others beginning with Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum of 1891, Caritas in Veritate is a social encyclical.
The appearance of articles on a papal encyclical affords me the opportunity to reflect on the historical rise of this medium of magisterial teaching as well as on some questions it raises for the relationship between the magisterium and theologians.
This statement, now "The Winnipeg Statement," certainly does not honestly reflect the wisdom of the encyclical, and it has been misleading in terms of theology.
He was not pleased that, for example, the encyclical says more about wealth redistribution than wealth creation and spoke of its "clotted and muddled" language and "confused sentimentality.
The encyclical, published on the eve of the G8 meeting in Italy of world leaders, condemns the view that the economy should be shielded from moral influences, claiming such an approach has led to an "abuse" of the economic process in a "thoroughly destructive" way.
Vatican officials have said that the encyclical will focus on the importance of extending the benefits of civilization to all members of society, especially the poor and marginalized, in an era of economic globalization.
Pius XI issued the encyclical Casti Connubii at the end of the 1930s that reiterated the church ban on birth control and urged priests to be more aggressive in condemning lay use.
The papal apologists at The New York Times expressed surprise in their article on the encyclical that the Pope did not denounce the abomination of gay marriage.
That encyclical furnishes the starting date for modern Catholic teaching on economy, society, and politics, at least in its "official" expression.
ENI)--"Love is a single reality with different dimensions'; Pope Benedict XVI stated in his first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (God Is Love), issued in January.
Section 1 addresses the doctrinal ramifications and developments occasioned by the pope's encyclical as they pertain to the possibility of a Christian philosophy, the fate of metaphysics, theological anthropology and our understanding of the person, and the role of Mary and the effects of a Marian framework in an encyclical devoted to faith and reason.
Church Unity and the Papal Office: An Ecumenical Dialogue on John Paul II's Encyclical Ut Unum Sint.
It recent encyclical, On the Eucharist and Its Relationship to the Church, came out while the world's media was focused on the war in Iraq.