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I would not, therefore, on my account, have you encumber one moment of your precious time by sending for her to Edward Street, especially as every visit is so much deducted from the grand affair of education, which I really wish to have attended to while she remains at Miss Summers's.
And how unnecessary it has been for you to toil along on foot, and encumber yourself with this heavy load
I say that the dress should be so well made, that it will in no way encumber you, even in drawing your sword.
The sale of a blanket non-performing mortgage and note that encumbers three walk-up apartment buildings located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.
Section 357(c) does not, however, adequately address situations where a single liability encumbers more than one property or where more than one corporation receives property encumbered by the same debt.
Debt leverage, which UBA achieves entirely through the use of secured borrowing, stands at a low 25% of undepreciated book capitalization and encumbers only fourteen of UBA's 29 properties.