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Antonyms for encumbered

loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load


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Through a field slippery with blood, and encumbered with broken armour and the bodies of slain and wounded horses, the marshals of the lists again conducted the victor to the foot of Prince John's throne.
Now, that idea would never have occurred to me; but then I am not encumbered with pleasures.
They went together, picking their way across muddy streets and sidewalks encumbered with the cheap display of small tradesmen.
and, as Tom, encumbered by his fetters, proceeded to do it, he assisted him, by pulling it, with no gentle hand, from his neck, and putting it in his pocket.
Down went Rocinante, and over went his master, rolling along the ground for some distance; and when he tried to rise he was unable, so encumbered was he with lance, buckler, spurs, helmet, and the weight of his old armour; and all the while he was struggling to get up he kept saying, "Fly not, cowards and caitiffs
To their chagrin, these employees learn that the trust fund recovery penalty imposes a strict obligation on any person with knowledge of unpaid employment taxes, with only a narrow exception for encumbered funds.
Global Banking News-19 March 2010-Lehman's cash pool was encumbered before bankruptcy(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
1 : to weigh down : burden <Their heavy coats encumbered the children.
Although significantly larger in total area, the encumbered lots sold at a significant discount as compared to the unencumbered lots, both on a price per square foot and an overall basis.
It could be useful to schoolchildren encumbered with books or to emergency personnel and soldiers who sometimes need to sprint while carrying heavy loads, says the pack's inventor, locomotion researcher Lawrence Rome of the Univerisity of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
The Xi-100 is designed for the researcher who is interested in getting fast, repeatable data from an instrument that is not encumbered by unneeded levels of complication, according to the literature.
However, from a practical perspective, market data concerning whether a property has been encumbered by a facade preservation easement is not readily available.
We simply cannot afford to continue to be encumbered by high legacy issues and burdensome restrictions under current labor agreements that impair our ability to compete.
Congress could allow a recipient of encumbered property to recover from the other recipients of a decedent's assets the income tax liability attributable to the difference between the encumbrance and the encumbered property's carryover basis, to the extent that the liability exceeds the recipient's equity in the asset at the time of sale or other disposition.
If the title shows that the landlord has encumbered its fee interest, the tenant should obtain a non-disturbance agreement from the senior lienholder.