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According to the most of respondents based on non-existence of technical and communicational infrastructure for offering electronic banking (that may be the result of lack of their awareness from the last changes in the country in this field), it is suggested the related institutions such as Ministry of Information and Technology, banks and telecommunication corporations more introduce it and enculturation to teach and use of these facilities is done.
No doubt this is why I was able to take a quantum leap beyond the restrictions of my enculturation to follow the lure of the Spirit into the vast unknown.
The enculturation process administered by various social institutions had instilled in the majority of Saudis the Islamic values, such as unity, fairness, equality, compassion and other humanistic values.
2) Enculturation, where achieving a PhD is about becoming a member of a community.
The shift to a global cultural perspective has the potential for engendering a new enculturation process in which citizens need to and can acquire new competencies related to intercultural communication and other skills that allow them mobility in employment and travel outside of their national borders for work as well as leisure.
After presenting some thoughts on preliminary definitions and a historical overview of how military doctrine has been conceived since the end of the 19th century, the author theorizes the philosophical, methodological, and epistemological foundations of military doctrine in chapters that address doctrinal foundationalism, doctrinal coherentism, enculturation, and authority.
The authors depict the basis of Catholic teachings as fluid--"the scriptural rule of faith and the theological writings derived from it are historically and culturally conditioned"--and take this to mean that "they will require translation, interpretation and enculturation to truly disclose God in every different historical and cultural situation.
The fruits of this enculturation process could be seen in three key areas of Akan Christianity today, namely Akan Christian views on non-human forms of life, the interpretation of the Bible, and Christian music.
As a designated COE nursing program, our efforts have focused on creating and sustaining a curriculum that has a strong enculturation of diversity, with numerous local, regional, national, and international learning experiences.
This is an issue that Russians have historically been particularly attuned to and would have acquired through a process of enculturation from childhood.
Her complaint is the quintessential feminist complaint: Women are tethered to the most powerful enculturation process possible--androcentric axiological objectivism.
The West has intergenerational tensions but not enculturation confrontations.
When he returned in 1998, he was ready to lead and foster the enculturation already under way.
Over the course of the 1990s, arguments for the inclusion of disabled students in mainstream schools grew widespread, due to the belief that their isolation in specialized schools perpetuated social stigmas and militated against their enculturation in mainstream society.