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Despite appliances' ability to encrypt data at rest, knowing what data to encrypt today is important to optimize costs and more importantly to protect critical information from theft.
The utility encrypts an existing data storage disk, block-by-block.
Luminex's Channel Gateway 3400 streams data from mainframe FICON and ESCON channels, at channel speed, to Fibre Channel fabrics and provides the ability to securely encrypt mainframe tape data with no impact to mainframe MIPS, no new tape media and no process changes.
Siafu Sypher Encryption Appliances make encryption easy, so companies of any size can securely encrypt their valuable data on tapes destined for offsite locations.
The solution resulting from the combination of Intergraph and UPONUS technologies performs lossless compression of large amounts of data, video, videoconferencing, large batch files and imagery and simultaneously encrypts for secure transmission in a near real-time process.
The CipherOptics SG10G-B gives customers the ability to prioritize encrypted traffic by available bandwidth, maximizing the performance of their network with advanced traffic priorities that encrypts the right traffic to ensure that high priority traffic such as VoIP is transmitted securely without delay.
ZixCorp will enforce corporate email security policies for Albert Einstein to ensure secure handling of confidential information, including a pre-configured lexicon that automatically detects and encrypts protected health information (PHI).
DALLAS -- Zix Corporation (ZixCorp(R)), (Nasdaq: ZIXI), the leader in hosted services for email encryption and e-prescribing, today announced that the company now encrypts 6.
The ZixCorp email encryption service automatically encrypts outbound messages according to compliance policy and securely delivers email to the recipient as PureMessage(R) scans and protects emails entering and leaving the network.
The service includes a pre-configured lexicon that automatically detects and encrypts protected health information (PHI).
The Jupiter drive enclosure also comes with choice of hardware encryption, called Jupiter Cipher, which encrypts and decrypts the entire hard drive in real time.
Combining industry-leading encryption technology from PostX with Sendmail's Mailstream Manager(TM) policy engine, Mailstream Envelope Encryption automatically encrypts private or confidential information -- in the body of a message, or in an attachment -- according to pre-set rules defined by the sender.
Unlike most encryption solutions that only encrypt the file and folders in use, MySecureDoc Media Edition encrypts the entire media and asks for authentication before granting access to the device.
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