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the activity of converting data or information into code

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PGP Command Line builds on the PGP Universal[TM] Encryption Platform that enables customers to utilize the PGP "deploy-once" architecture regardless of the chosen PGP encryption application.
Before you can implement encryption, you need to define the level of security that's right for your site.
0 Encryption Plus Hard Disk, PC Guardian has aggressively advanced its market position with a robust, flexible, and highly competitive access control and hard disk encryption program," said PC Guardian President Noah Groth.
At the same briefing, the White House reaffirmed its support for the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act (CESA), a bill rooted in the government's traditional distrust of private encryption.
Law enforcement agencies insist on strict export restrictions, arguing that strong encryption software can be used to thwart high-tech surveillance of foreign drug dealers, child pornographers, terrorists and other criminals.
As the leading email encryption provider with over seven million protected email recipients, the vast ZixDirectory, which includes over 900 hospitals, allows seamless encrypted email delivery to healthcare organizations, insurers, financial institutions and regulators, including the federal banking (FFIEC) regulatory agencies.
The second encryption standard to be adopted was known as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
com, Perry explained, the seed was partly the Microsoft antitrust case (Marcus Caine's company, Monolith, is an operating-system giant) and partly the ongoing debate about encryption policy.
0 is an additional-cost add-on, to allow encryption of secondary copies of backup tapes intended for off-site transport and storage.
The second part of this article will explore some recent examples of data loss and vulnerability, how data encryption is being implemented today and discuss which data should be encrypted.
In an online world, encryption can be an effective way for people to enhance their security.
Within the framework of the SecureIT Alliance, Microsoft invited Utimaco and other security partners to work with the Windows Vista product team to advance the capabilities of Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption by offering centralized policy based management using SafeGuard Enterprise for a variety of encryption techniques across heterogeneous IT environments.
Given that sensitive data stored on removable media or virtualized tape subsystems can be stolen, tampered with, or corrupted, more safeguards must be put in place--namely, stored data encryption and authentication.
The White House has regulated encryption so that law enforcement agencies can easily unscramble messages sent by suspected criminals.
DALLAS -- Zix Corporation (ZixCorp([R])), (Nasdaq:ZIXI), the leader in hosted services for email encryption and e-prescribing, today announced that ZixDirectory, the core of the company's encryption service offering, hit a new milestone, now hosting the public keys for more than seven million email recipients.