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convert ordinary language into code

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While there are encryption technologies, such as homomorphic encryption, that make it possible to perform calculations on data in an encrypted state, in order for data in the cloud to be useful, statistical calculations alone are not enough.
The company earlier denied reports of debit card PIN data being compromised, but after further investigations, it confirmed that the strongly encrypted PIN data was removed.
For more information about Encrypted Mail and Encrypted Documents
According to the company, the new release of Encrypted Documents allows organisations to automatically encrypt files and folders on their employees' laptops, computers, network drives and removable media devices if the files meet the requirements of the companies' pre-defined policies.
For example, an organization which sends an encrypted tape to a supplier requires a mechanism to share the encryption key to read the tape.
None of the tax preparation software vendors I have contacted have been willing to state that they support using either PGP encryption or the built-in Windows 2000 or 2003 Encrypted file system.
com) is a free product that lets you hide an encrypted file in an image.
509 Certificate for S/MIME or generate a PGP key pair and can immediately start sending and receiving encrypted and signed messages.
Using this approach, it's possible to break DES with access to fewer than 10 encrypted messages.
If Prince Charles and Princess Diana had encrypted their cellular-phone conversations, they would have spared themselves much embarrassment.
Siafu Software, the leader in IP encrypted SAN Storage, today announced that hardware data encryption is now offered as a standard feature on all Siafu Swarm Series models.
Encrypted Documents prevents data loss on the network, laptop or on a USB key
All other attempts are simply denied access through an encrypted pathway that is continually re-encrypted for advanced security.
That's a long time for an organization's data to be left unattended, so this data needs to be encrypted.
Only a recipient with the proper key for unlocking the secret code can hear or read the otherwise unintelligible, encrypted string of digits.