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  • verb

Synonyms for encrust

cover or coat with a crust


Related Words

decorate or cover lavishly (as with gems)

form a crust or a hard layer


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THIS is the car Kylie Minogue has talked Julien Macdonald into encrusting with thousands of diamonds - thrusting its value to more than $1m.
You certainly don't want encrusting animals on your joints or your eyes because it will inhibit your movement and sight.
After refrigerating the vials for a year, the researchers found dolomite crystals encrusting the bacteria.
We Americans dream big, but it's the Japanese who have the guts and shamelessness necessary to make such excessive dreams reality, whether it's putting six extra knobs on a stereo, subjecting game-show contestants to physical torture (like being dragged by an elephant), or encrusting their toy robots with so many spare parts that they look like they could transform into a whole assembly plant, never mind a car.
The opaque wax encrusting the looming canopy of Untitled #1044S-01 (two peacocks on a bird stand), 2001, for instance, obscured the drooping peacock feathers and fake birds nestled in its depths.