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Synonyms for encrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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A 35-cm ureteral sheath is usually used for women or mid-ureteral encrustation and a 45-cm for men or proximal encrustations.
This held no less true of the earliest work in the show, Wally Hedrick's folksy-seditious pre-Johns representation of the American flag with the antiwar message PEACE scrawled across its stripes (Peace, 1953), than of the most recent, Paul McCarthy's Foam Pallet, 2012, a shit-colored, barnacle-like encrustation overtaking its support.
The scaling of moral character are/can be hard than the other encrustations.
In archaeological studies, microcrystalline encrustations of vivianite have been reported on buried animal remains.
A number of outcrops, pods and surface encrustations of manganese were observed in the area.
Formations of encrustations or obstructive flow, 5.
The removal of the barrage will mean that congoli fish (Pseudaphritis urvilli) will once again be able migrate to the estuary to breed, and tubeworm encrustations on tortoises will also start to disappear as salinity levels drop.
As Boyarin writes on the last page of his book, the past remains open "only if we work at setting aside the hard encrustations of our differences without falling prey to the illusion that we can all become one" (118).
The krater itself was still covered in dirt and salt encrustations.
Data he and colleagues collected on speleothem encrustations, a type of mineral deposit, in coastal caves on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca indicate that sea level was about one meter above present-day levels around 81,000 years ago.
Honestly speaking, I have never been particularly crazy about using lavish encrustations and golden threads.
Other measures include removing salt encrustations and mulching the surface of the soil to reduce evaporation, thereby inhibiting to some extent salts rising to the surface.
Her stated "mission is to free these authors from the heavy weight of traditional encrustations and restore them to their most authentic--'light'--selves.
Richard Le Doux, owner of " a la mode" Marfield, made his money making antifouling paint, to stop encrustations on ships' bottoms - and it doesn't come more basic than that.
In cut sections these encrustations are mainly seen in or are restricted to the present-day outer surface or are encrusting large pores connected to the outside.