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Synonyms for encrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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5,6) Increasing use of ureteral stents has led to an increase in potential complications from minor clinical symptoms, such as frequency, dysuria or mild intermittent hematuria to more severe problems, such as stent slipping, upward migration, fragmentation, encrustation, stone formation, subsequent ureteral obstruction, infection, unresolved hydronephrosis and ureteral fistula.
The coating, researchers hypothesize, will help to eliminate encrustation and other problems associated with urinary stents and catheters that are currently used in practice.
Blue to purple cryptocrystalline encrustations, also believed to be vivianite, have been found on the clay sediments of the river bank just upstream from the point bar and on gravel on the point bar.
NovaBay's pipeline of Aganocide compounds is being studied in numerous preclinical programs and is currently in four Phase 2 clinical trials, including for: impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection; urinary catheter bacterial biofilm blockage, encrustation and associated infection; conjunctivitis, or pink eye infection; and acne.
Physicochemical analysis of selected ground water in River State, Nigeria, to ascertain pollution level, encrustation and corrosion potential, J.
The boutique will offer signature Haviland porcelain collections including this season's art-deco inspired Cible, the Ritz Imperial dinnerware set and the newest encrustation and relief introductions in a new, sandy beige color.
But the results were well worth the effort as hundreds of beautiful pots emerged from their lime encrustation (Figures 5-6).
When stents are used for long-term drainage, they typically require removal and/or replacement every three to six months because of encrustation and subsequent blockage of the stent.
For the purposes of this paper, we will focus on dissolution, fragmentation, discoloration, and biont encrustation for all skeletal hard parts.
Let's cut away the encrustation of former glories, those heady remembrances of things past, those lip services paid to history's icons.
1) The foreign body, which acts as the nucleus for encrustation, can be either endogenous or exogenous.
131 The quest, however, for precious materials can be a snare leading to deformation of ornament by gratuitous enrichment eg, encrustation of gems and so on.
However, it is vital the blades remain free of marine debris and encrustation.
In Wadi Ziqlab the Geometric Kebaran concentrations are found throughout a red palaeosol with well-developed, moderately subangular, blocky ped structure, with extensive carbonate encrustation and moderate clay coatings on peds.