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Synonyms for encroaching

gradually intrusive without right or permission

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Will it be sufficient to mark, with precision, the boundaries of these departments, in the constitution of the government, and to trust to these parchment barriers against the encroaching spirit of power?
Arthur Clennam suffered them to pass the corner of the street before he followed at a distance; not with any idea of encroaching a second time on Little Dorrit's privacy, but to satisfy his mind by seeing her secure in the neighbourhood to which she was accustomed.
Chief traffic officer Rawalpindi Shoaib Khurram said that heavy fines would be imposed against dealers, who were creating problem in smooth flow of traffic in the Rawalpindi by encroaching upon roads and thoroughfares.
Hiremath, who had accused the minister and his family of encroaching upon more than 47 acres of government land.
When contacted, a CDA official said that they regularly visit the adjacent areas and confiscate the goods of such people operating their small business in various areas by encroaching unauthorized land.
Summary: Sader discussed with French officials in Paris the different means for granting security forces access to the country's telecoms data without encroaching on personal freedoms.
Since an encroaching franchisor typically does not bear the entirety of the long-term social costs of her destructive strategy, yet directly benefits from such a strategy, this article ultimately calls on federal and state policy makers who are currently considering the adoption of encroachment laws to adopt such laws.
According to the villagers, encroaching on agricultural land by the people from the Meghalaya side had been creating the clashes.
Prince Khaled has ordered officials to prosecute those involved either in encroaching public properties or marketing and selling them illegally.
The search engine is encroaching on the turf of travel agencies but is expected to affect online agencies more than traditional agencies.
Muslim law already is encroaching on several secular laws.
But now, Alan Mootnick -- the 55-year-old founder of the center and self-taught gibbon specialist -- said encroaching development threatens the center and its 30 monkey-like apes from Southeast Asia.
The inclusion of the book's illustrator, friend and celebrated artist Alexis Rockman, who collects animal scat for pigment and smokes a lot of marijuana, keeps it humorous, and the detailed accounts of the habitats, from underwater expanse to lush rainforest, draw a vivid picture of the world where the tiger once roamed and the dangers of both encroaching pests (like feral cats and foxes) and unchecked logging.
Though written especially for the baby boomer generation, which is beginning to confront hearing loss as the result of advancing age, Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss is enthusiastically recommended for anyone confronting an encroaching hearing problem.
The story begins with a new school year, an encroaching forest fire, a new girl in town (Alex), and ever-angry townspeople who can no longer make a living working for lumber companies.