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Synonyms for encroach

Synonyms for encroach

advance beyond the usual limit

impinge or infringe upon

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The stalls and huts illegally encroached on the footpaths, are not only creating problems for the visitors but also damaging beauty of the historic city.
It said that the Administrator got the information that one Dedar Hussain Shah Sarhindi had allegedly encroached upon 30 acres of government land in block 6 of Gulistan-i-Jauhar and through his son, agents and others was reportedly selling the plots on commercial rates.
Government records show nearly 1,700 bighas or over 1,000 acres of gram sabha land has been encroached upon by locals and the realty mafia.
Similarly, the historical Jahangir Park of Saddar area encroached from all four sides.
According to reports, Nagaland residents have encroached upon 4,000 hectares in the 5,927-hectare Geleky reserve forest in Assam's Sivasagar district.
Alawi Somait, deputy mayor of Jeddah for construction and projects, said that the mayoralty in conjunction with all concerned agencies would evict those who had encroached on government lands.
Anti-encroachment police station SHO Nayyarul Haq said a part of the encroached land was evacuated but the operation was stopped after protest from the locals.
In 1995, the Ministry of Land Reform had submitted a report about the details of encroached government lands to the then Cabinet urging it to reclaim the lost property but implementation was a far cry.
The operation was sold over 20 years ago when, a victim of its own success, it encroached excessively on the time the Cistercians required for prayer and contemplation.
The dry, dusty town of Mentryville, which only decades ago was a nearly inaccessible ghost town, is being encroached upon all sides by residential growth, Harte said.
Urban noise, mostly from engines in cars, trucks, boats, and modern conveniences such as leaf blowers, encroached on birds' lower frequencies in the loud neighborhoods, the researchers say.
Since its independence from France in 1953, Cambodia has claimed that its borders have been encroached on by its neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, and to a much lesser extent Laos.
The tamarin, indigenous to the Atlantic rainforests of Brazil, was on the brink of extinction in the 1970s, and down to 200 individuals as human settlement encroached on its last habitat.
This semi-rural area is gradually being encroached on by suburban development and the new park brings back into community use redundant areas of woodlands and vegetation formerly given over to farming.
Defensive players are taught to move with the ball, but when asked to focus on lining up correctly and adjusting to motion prior to the snap, they will often begin listening to the QB and encroaching the LOS, and once they have encroached, they will begin mentally holding back to prevent doing it again.