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Synonyms for encroach

Synonyms for encroach

advance beyond the usual limit

impinge or infringe upon

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Encouraged by inaction of the relevant authority, the shopkeepers have encroached the highways' sides.
KDA had informed the court that 35,000 plots of the city had been encroached upon through notorious China-cutting method.
The CJP took the notice 'on news in print as well as social media that public park/football ground is being encroached.
As per the media reports, the land adjacent to the Sector F-8 lower courts has been encroached by the lawyers to built their chambers.
The Supreme Court on Saturday rebuked the municipal authorities for their miscarriage in steering clear of illegally encroached amenity properties.
Sector F-8 residents Imran Waseem, Junaid Afzal, Nadeem Khan and others said that even though lawyers are educated and are well aware of the benefits of affording the youth an opportunity to play in parks and to stay away from bad habits, it was inexplicable that they had encroached on a playground to build their chambers.
National Environment Complaints Committee Secretary John Chumo yesterday said wetlands have been encroached on, blocked and destroyed.
Talking to this scribe, Kashu Khan - an aged man who had encroached some space at Road No.
The elephant encroached upon the village in the afternoon,' said Thein Zaw, a local villager whose house was destroyed by the elephant.
Preah Sihanouk province authorities yesterday demolished part of one home and its fence, which had encroached on a road they are trying to widen in the province's Prey Nop district.
Kochi/Thiruvananthapuram: (PTI) Embattled Kerala minister Thomas Chandy on Saturday denied the charge that he had encroached upon backwaters in Alappuzha district and rejected demands for his resignation.
Parliament welcomes the decision of the North Gauteng High Court to set aside the report of the Public Protectors report which, among others, ordered Parliament to amend section 224 of the Constitution and, therefore, encroached on the exclusive authority of the Legislature.
Based on the police investigation, Jungoy said the sports car was running at full speed, encroached the other lane, and hit the motorcycle.
Swabi DC Matiullah Khan said area of the two dams cannot be encroached.
Colombo, June 24 -- The Prescription (Special Provision) Bill which was shelved for a long period have now been revived by the Government to provide relief to the people, who were forced to abandon their properties due to the situation that prevailed in the country from May 1983 to May 2009 and to enable them to claim their titles for their properties due to prescriptive actions of the illegal and encroached occupants.