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Synonyms for encroach

Synonyms for encroach

advance beyond the usual limit

impinge or infringe upon

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Accordingly, if the franchisor decides to encroach on the franchisee's territory, then there is a negative long-term externality of lost benefit to consumers.
won permits to remove or encroach in the protected zones of 214 oak trees, 19 of them more than 100 years old, to clear the way for a development called Lyons Canyon Ranch.
When humans encroach on Firedrake's community, the young dragon volunteers to find the fabled Rim of Heaven, a safe haven for dragonkind.
As the world around him begins to encroach upon his sanctuary, the servant woman's presence begins to bring others to Rellingford's door.
movie ranch, arguing it would encroach too much on nature.
Escape The Pace: 100 Fun And Easy Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy Your Life is a self-help antidote to the hectic pressures that threaten to encroach on one's sleep and drive up one's blood pressure.
A complaint filed with the Lokayukta has alleged that Reddy altered the district map to encroach upon a road that leads to a Lord Hanuman temple.
The Apex court had also asked the survey team to monitor the six mines on the Andhra-Karnataka border - three of which belong to the Reddys - to check whether or not they encroach on forestland.