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Antonyms for encouragingly

in an encouraging manner

References in classic literature ?
You could manage it, though," he said encouragingly.
The old witch clapped her skinny hands together, and smiled encouragingly upon her handiwork.
Hilbery tapped the coal encouragingly with the poker.
He repays your expense in him, Casaubon," he went on, nodding encouragingly.
Well, I suppose you'll keep on writing them," he said encouragingly.
You'll soon be at work again," she told him encouragingly.
Ten fella three times, Billy," Sheldon said encouragingly, though there was a certain metallic rasp in his voice.
Slosson looked his incredulity, while the others grinned and clustered around Daylight encouragingly.
It's off to the westward," McCoy said encouragingly.
It'll be all right, Genevieve," he said encouragingly.
Not so much as some girls I know," said Polly encouragingly.
Do the best you can," said Dorothy, encouragingly, "and if you fail I will watch and see what shape you are changed into.
Never fear," I said encouragingly, but had to change my tone at once.
In a way it must be considered a test," he added encouragingly.
The cook stuck his head out of the galley door and grinned encouragingly at me, at the same time jerking his thumb in the direction of the man who paced up and down by the hatchway.