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inspired with confidence


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They began to put on airs, and talk about the "niggers" taking the country, saying we all ought to be killed; and, being encouraged by the journey- men, they commenced making my condition as hard as they could, by hectoring me around, and sometimes striking me.
Even the account he was now encouraged to give of the reception accorded to him by his father, on the previous night, failed to disturb Norah's gravity.
The monks, encouraged by this, fell to the business, and brought a man above a hundred years old, whom, because he could not support himself on horseback, they had tied on the beast, and covered him with black wool.
Further to promote this campaign of publicity, Hubbard encouraged Bell and Watson to perform a series of sensational feats with the telephone.
If I had encouraged him, I should be false; if I had gratified him, I should have acted against my own better resolution and purpose.
She rated his abilities much higher than any of the others; there was a solidity in his reflections which often struck her, and though by no means so clever as herself, she thought that if encouraged to read and improve himself by such an example as hers, he might become a very agreeable companion.
So encouraged, I shall certainly give myself the pleasure and advantage of another visit to your beautiful house.
I have heard a story of a young gentleman who once encouraged flattering expectations, and they did him harm.
Robson likewise encouraged Tom's propensity to persecute the lower creation, both by precept and example.
She not only abstained from beating him, but encouraged him.
Slang, rough manners, and careless habits were banished or bettered by the presence of a little gentlewoman; and all the manly virtues cropping up were encouraged by the hearty admiration bestowed upon them by one whose good opinion all valued more than they confessed; while Rose tried to imitate the good qualities she praised in them, to put away her girlish vanities and fears, to be strong and just, and frank and brave, as well as modest, kind, and beautiful.
You have never encouraged me to come to you with any confidences of mine.
She liked him and encouraged him to go on with his writing, and after a time he gave up his post of Governor of the English and entered the service of the Princess.
The effort to sustain his customary vivacity was not encouraged by persons and circumstances about him.
Louisa denied Tom's participation in the offence; but her mother stopped her with the conclusive answer, 'Louisa, don't tell me, in my state of health; for unless you had been encouraged, it is morally and physically impossible that you could have done it.