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Synonyms for encourage

Synonyms for encourage

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to impart strength and confidence to

to lend supportive approval to

to help bring about

Synonyms for encourage

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By developing a set of guidelines that encourage reuse and recycling, and enforcing those standards through on-site inspections, we are practicing environmental stewardship program-wide.
One, the "Healthy Forests Partnership Act," would: authorize the Forest Service and BLM to enter into new partnerships; designate new Healthy Forests Partnership Zones in priority areas to foster investment by nonfederal parties; and encourage the application of peer-reviewed science with heightened legal significance.
Encourage hard work, good nutrition and hydration, rest and good coaching as the tools of performance-enhancement--rather than injections, pills, powders and other dietary supplements.
Any activist who encourages men, women and children to cross this territory, either being shepherded by "coyotes" or joining the drug runners as they ferry methamphetamine and cocaine north, is insane.
Community Service Volunteers said it would encourage residents to get out their bikes and use them to cycle on the city's streets.
A lot of times it's a value decision, but we encourage parents to include a lesson at home that teaches their children about the value of money.
By contrast, alternatives 3 and 4 both encourage innovative thinking and have the potential for pulling forth the best ideas from you and your people.
Camps can offer an optimal environment to encourage many types of physical activities, teach life-long active recreational pursuits, and establish opportunities to learn active lifestyle behaviors.
Insurance plans should encourage individuals to take more responsibility for their health and medical decisions, and proportionate copayments should exist so that everyone has an incentive to manage expenditures responsibly.
A young woman in an attempt to wake her companion drives badly and finishes by driving down a flight of steps, How this encourages one to buy the car I don't see but feel it might encourage a macho young man to show off to his mates in a similar fashion.
It may also offer a voluntary compliance program for taxpayers to encourage conformity with the Sec.
This will encourage repatriation of offshore earnings by U.
Barbara says that she hopes that their success "will encourage other individuals in other states to start a Project Healthy Beginnings campaign.
3) To produce general awareness of mass media forms and content and foster a sense that media messages are constructed for economic, political, and aesthetic reasons, among others; (4) To encourage students to think critically about media and ask questions in regards to what they see or hear in their media landscape.
Capitalism was now allowed to encourage environmental abuses because competition in this new environment inhibited ethical conduct.