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a meeting of people to develop mutual understanding by freely expressing emotions

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Dialogue Groups: TRT's Guidelines for Working through Intractable Conflicts by Personal Storytelling in Encounter Groups.
She presents 40 chapters, written by academics and practitioners, that profile some positive examples of such projects, which "range from educational endeavors and cultural activities to academic and public forums, art and filmmaking, interfaith events, dialogue and encounter groups, research and just fun.
Of course the resort cleaned up its act to became the Esalen Institute, home of "the American awakening" and birthplace of the "human potential" movement where the attractions of Zen manifested themselves in Rolfing, meditation, and encounter groups.
But when a heroin addict kicked drugs after participating in Dederich's brutally confrontational encounter groups, the founder and other members began living communally and promoting Synanon as an addiction cure.
Some women wanted less hostility in the encounter groups, others wanted more female-only encounter groups, and still others wanted to keep parts of the program coed to help them learn how to relate to the opposite sex in nonsexual ways.
She cites 50 years of examples of encounter groups, black psychotherapy, sensitivity trainings, and cultural etiquette books that arose to manage tensions in the postwar integration era.
She was in the forefront of the human potential movement, encounter groups, and group therapy in the 1960's.
When Westerners encounter groups like the Nzamba Lela, they sometimes feel uncomfortable because they are so natural that, in a way, they are guileless.