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The encompassment of the world in lila or kamaal by the Bombay middle-class male hero it seems has failed, and he will now have to contend with rivals who might claim to be the rightful owners of the essence of Bombay cine-heroism that can encompass the world beyond the ivory towers of middle-classdom in contemporary India.
Movement follows thought on the astral plane, and within seconds the planet earth had fallen into the black encompassment of eternal space.
This iconographic and metaphorical encompassment signaled that Andean religion was "already essentially Christian" (270).
Te epic goal has always been encompassment, summation; but the series is an ongoing process of accumulation.
The published information had dealt with the shapes of parts of Clorindo Testa's Bank of London & South America, but couldn't begin to communicate the brilliance of the space, the sophistication of the detail, the cleverness of the encompassment of a tight city corner.
The quality of unity cannot be separated from reality and from God's existence, just as omni-presence, comprehensiveness, encompassment, and immanence cannot be negated from Him.
Taye (1813-99) produced a 10-volume encyclopedia describing the entire range of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet, called Shes byakun khyab, or the Encompassment of All Knowledge.
Thereupon, they returned to the family room and "the renewed encompassment of the tribe .
Schlegel and Hermann Ulrici in the nineteenth century and reiterated by Tillyard in the twentieth, McAlindon is interested in recovering "the fascinating nature of the play's construction, its unique encompassment in what seems like a single world and a unified work" (23-24).
Or, finally, does it linger in some twilight of indecision and encompassment sweeping up almost anything in its path?
That is regrettable, for her claim that the whole experience of modernity is intimately tied to manifestic practices--both routed through that hard-to-pin universal subject--is quite an example of encompassment indeed.
It is the encompassment of the world and its failure.
Imagery that expresses ambiguity and/or ambivalence may evoke other symbolism associated, for example, with polarity and the 'boundaries of difference' (DuBois 1982: 27): the violence engendered by chaos and equivalence; the dissonance between opposites such as female/male; animal/human or culture/nature (Preucel & Hodder 1996: 303; McGhee 1994: 59-66; Yentsch 1996: 326); or totality, the encompassment in one image of the whole spectrum of species or gender.
Block Designer serves as the integrating paradigm through a unique process, dubbed encompassment, that seamlessly unites all capture methods for the designer.
In other words, without recognising the logic of encompassment in the Festival, the superscription is "legible" only to the state.