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The Gwer Sa La Festival, celebrated by the Bai minority in southwest China, is a major festive occasion for households and local congregations to conduct rituals in revitalising the power of fertility and wealth through a chain of encompassment of different moral communities.
And with respect to our now defining and broadened name, we need to "regroup" as well--to reflect the widened encompassment of areas of ASABE expertise.
While the lila/kamaal and Devdas paradigms of encompassment and non-encompassment of the world in its totality can be posited as the endpoints of the spectrum of the development of the male hero in Bombay cinema, a spectrum relatively stable until recent times, much has been modulated within these limits.
There are numerous oral tradition teachings, such as those of Simultaneous Production and Union, the Joined Amulet Box, Possessing Five, the Six Equal Tastes, the Four Letters, the Pacifier, the Cutting-off, the Great Encompassment and the Profound Madhyamika Theory.
Idiomatically its literal use mobilizes an encompassment of metaphysical principles about the (Buddhist) world itself, principles that are irreducible to the duality of subject-object relations conceived as anything other than illusory projection.
Both terms refer, on the one hand, to an assembly, a collection, a physical encompassment and realization of the dharma in its constituent parts as in its totality, and, as he stresses, multiplicity.
Esta argumentacion, segun las <<gramaticas de identidad y alteridad>> de Baumann, llegaria a ser un ejemplo de la <<gramatica englobadora>> (grammar of encompassment, vease Baumann 2004: 25 y ss.
prophesied the event as an encompassment of the bloody cataclysm to
are also the conditions of encompassment and domination by circulatory capital and the infrastructure of the metropole generally" (Financial Derivatives 46-47).
But encompassment is just one aspect of the way values organize cultural elements.
This encompassment is exactly why many people do not understand why the Albanian bloc has even used force to show its opposition.
In their analysis of the impact of encompassment of trade unions and public sector union strength on unemployment, which uses five-year averages for the period 1968 to 1992 from 13 industrial countries, Garrett and Way (1999) find more central bank independence to be associated with lower unemployment.
As discussed further in Part III of this Article, lawfare expresses this constructive sense of legal encompassment, of occupying the entire discursive field of the definition of war--and not war--including the fact of divisional instability.
Movement follows thought on the astral plane, and within seconds the planet earth had fallen into the black encompassment of eternal space.
This iconographic and metaphorical encompassment signaled that Andean religion was "already essentially Christian" (270).