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As Armstrong Williams put it, encompassingly enough to echo everyone from Tom DeLay to Alberto Gonzales to the juvenile delinquent of your choice: "I am paying the price"--how's that for delicious irony?
The last, summarizing chapter enlarges an understanding of allusion by touching on theories of play, irony, mythology and, most encompassingly, symbolism.
Music remains as all encompassingly important to Jools as ever.
Finally, irrespective of whether bioethics has an exact birthdate, and if so, what it might be, our conception of the kind of phenomenon that it constitutes is more encompassingly social and cultural than the biomedically and technologically deterministic definition of bioethics as "the study of the ethical implications of medical technology.
Certain general themes recur: disillusionment with the Enlightenment goals of human emancipation, especially exemplified by Marxism; eschewal of any such notion of totality, foundations, or their theorisation, often called grand narratives or dismissed as nostalgia; oppression in an encompassingly cultural, semantic, or semiological dimension of hegemony; appeal to communities of resistance modelled on something which can be hoped to be outside such hegemony -- often the cultural Otherness posited by the anthropological notion of cultural relativity.