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In contrast, Amazon charges based on the duration of the encoded file, which is the more typical schema used by cloud encoding services.
Many existing humanities electronic texts are encoded for use by these programs.
Our new product delivers real-time encoded output in the SMPTE VC-1 and Windows Media formats, which are ideal for network media, due to their acceptance in the Web world, the maturity of their toolsets, and the ubiquity of the required infrastructure - from servers, to DRM, to hardware and software.
The LSI also maintains its high video quality when replaying fast action scenes or when in the low bit rate mode, due to its high-speed, high-quality movement detection method and precise controlling of the encoded data.
Not only has it substantially reduced the amount of time we spend reviewing content, it also provides valuable information about how our content is encoded, from compression settings to encoding errors.
This breakthrough software module permits direct streaming of encoded aacPlus (MPEG4 HE AAC) audio from Orban Opticodec-compatible audio servers into the FMeXtra encoder and over-the-air to FMeXtra enabled receivers.
This technology provides a valuable means for optimizing encoded video output for everything from web proxy files to full, high-definition WMV (VC-1) video content.