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Tufaile says that he has made structures consisting of oil enclosed within an alcohol shell inside oil.
The generous entrance hall, defined by a travertine screen wall, is partly enclosed within by a raised organ loft.
The area enclosed within the boundaries of the CAPP includes more than 700 parcels of land.
Dimensions may be measured quickly and easily with these microscopes from the scale that appears projected on the viewed object by the recticle enclosed within the microscope.
As the path becomes enclosed within embankments you need to look out for a footpath on your right marked by a stile.
6 on page 14 which states: 'The dimensions of wheelchair accessible toilet facilities should enable a passenger, on-board wheelchair and assistant, if required, to be fully enclosed within the facility with the door closed'.
Enclosed within a criss cross cordon apple trees (a diamond effect created by interwoven branches), the garden uses companion planing and rotational plans to ward off disease and pests and encourage a full and healthy harvest, year on year.
Each nest box is composed of an artificial burrow enclosed within a small steel container, which serves as a barrier to contain each mouse.
Scientists designed a thermocouple enclosed within a shock-resistant plastic shell.
Here, pressure enclosed within the product cannot be accessed to measure any change.
When visualized side by side and beneath Andrea della Robbia's delicately carved Assumption and Resurrection, near Leonardo del Tasso's elegant altarpiece, and enclosed within Giuliano da Sangallo's harmonious edifice, the pathos of the ensemble is almost palpable.
4, the lower half of the furnace containing the channel and inducer is surrounded by refractory and (usually) enclosed within a steel box.
All working solution containers are enclosed within the instrument giving it a sleek, compact design.
Format of SOQs: All SOQs shall be submitted in an ELECTRONIC FORMAT ONLY enclosed within a sealed envelope and shall be clearly marked PROSECUTOR SERVICES .
Many of the bank's original features would be retained, with the main dining area enclosed within the horseshoe-shaped tellers' counter and the original writing desks kept.