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convert ordinary language into code

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Ideology is a suggestive epiphenomenal complex of visions and motivations that enciphers in itself the real foundation of life.
Adopted as a data security standard by the United States government in 1977, the DES enciphers a 64-bit block of plaintext into a 64-bit block of ciphertext under the control of a 56-bit key.
For dial-up applications, Racal-Milgo offers the Datacryptor II, which enciphers and deciphers data at rates to 9.
4 kbps from the voice digitizer and/or the auxialiary port and enciphers it on a bit-by-bit basis.
The form, which resembles a scratch-off lottery ticket, enciphers the consumer's PIN so that it can be returned to the financial institution by mail without any security risk.