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convert ordinary language into code

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The enciphering algorithm called Vernam cipher is known to be (Schneier, 1996) perfectly safe, if the key stream is truly unpredictable and is used only one time.
Since the size of the compressed image is usually larger than that of text data, it is also invalid to reduce the size of the picture by image compression before enciphering.
determining the complex shifts which performs the enciphering process lies on the need a contour problem whose solutions are the enciphered messages.
But as Rodriguez could not write of those sexual experiences, in Hunger he told his story sexlessly, implicitly heterosexual but circumventing heterosexual complexities, enciphering his identity conflict in the language of Hoggart's portrait of the "scholarship boy" as the sole explanation for his being different.
Enciphering makes some GPRS procedures and subscriber activities invisible to most monitoring tools, and the function must be switched off to allow proper monitoring and analysis.
The G312 machine - missing three key rotors for enciphering - was recovered after being posted to BBC's Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman last month.
The G312 machine - missing three key rotors for enciphering - was recovered after being posted from a false address in Sandhurst Road, Edgbaston, to baffled BBC's Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman last month.
sold them measurements of matrices enciphering a system of successive
The term scramble is often misused as a synonym for encryption, encoding, enciphering, and cryptography in general.
An encryption or enciphering system that uses alternate steps of transposition and substitution to scramble messages is known as a product cipher.
With the accreditation, Microelectronica is able to provide cards which comply with high security standards for the generation of signature creation data, the creation of qualified electronic signatures and enciphering data.
May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was issued today by Enigma Telecommunications Enciphering Ltd.