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convert ordinary language into code

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Plaintext may be enciphered either by transposition or substitution: transposition involves rearranging plaintext symbols without changing their identity, while substitution replaces the symbols by one or more ciphertext symbols.
The message was enciphered using a double encryption method developed by Sir Francis Bacon (1562-1626).
The allegations that more than 20 questions in University Selection Exam can be solved with enciphered code created confusion.
First, it is enciphered using a shiftcipher, which replaces each letter by the letter n places further on in the alphabet.
ActivCard consumers will never have to worry about releasing credit card numbers over the net: the token includes "secret data" functions that can store enciphered credit card numbers for transmission.
Furthermore, recent breaches have shown that data should be enciphered while being exchanged or stored to avoid potential threats and cyber attacks.
The trend in cryptography has evolved from traditional manual enciphered and deciphered codes to mechanical encryptions and computerized cryptography.
323) The minimization procedures explain that in the context of cryptanalytics, "maintenance of technical data bases requires retention of all communications that are enciphered or reasonably believed to contain secret meaning.
This technology makes it possible to perform numerous useful calculations on enciphered data, such as totals, averages, and standard deviations (which are widely used statistical functions), correlation analysis, and comparisons on biometric data.
Groklaw's founder, Pamela Jones said that cited the alleged US practice of screening emails from abroad and storing messages enciphered or otherwise thought to contain secret meaning for five years, BBC reports.
Rather than starting from the top column and left row and finding the encrypted letter where the column and row intersect, a Beaufort cipher begins with the key letter as the top column, travels down the column until the plaintext letter is found, then travels left out of the row and is enciphered as the letter of the row.
He said: "That confidence borne of a highly sophisticated series of measures employed to keep the material secret, which included sending messages by way of enciphered text, the use of disguised files to conceal websites, which the defendant had used to communicate with others and within the messages, the use of a code.
We are travelling to our existential region according to these inscriptions to be enciphered as markers of our existential movement in certain life environment.
Vpnworldwide provides 100% security protects the users with enciphered connected.
The use of a key in memory to encipher or decipher data, or access to a key that is enciphered under another key does not require such control by PCI DSS 1.