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convert ordinary language into code

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4) With the ability both to encipher and decipher German naval traffic, the British conceived a ruse de guerre aimed at the destruction of the German Pacific squadron.
It is an attentiveness that attempts to encipher and decipher a multiplicity of human perceptions that no one code or narrative ultimately codifies.
A private key encryption algorithm, the DES uses the same key to encipher and decipher a message.
How fast can an encipher and test be done against known ciphertext?
Pick Six favourite Encipher, looking for back-to-back wins at Jebel Ali this season, set the pace for most of the trip under Royston Ffrench, but visibly tired in the closing stages.
Whether it is Nigeria's Encipher, Congo-Brazzaville's VMK, Ghana's rLG and Kludjeson, or even more daringly, Cameroon's cardiopad, which aims to offer a cardiograph (ECG) service on the go, Africans are investing considerable entrepreneurial and intellectual resources into devising a portable computer system that can serve Africa's users.
For example, if a file contains sensitive data in columns 10 through 20 but the balance of each record is not sensitive, then the batch encipher program may be used to encipher only the sensitive data.
The use of a key to encipher or decipher data, or access to a key that is enciphered under another key does not require such control.
For example, to encipher the word "BACON," each character is replaced with five A's and B's as follows:
So dic nobis quid vidisti nobody nobody there: Encores encipher at dawn.