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in a bewitching manner

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Erling Kittelson's HUMAN HAZARA is another enchantingly dismal document of Hazara plight- ''the mountain takes down like tent The tent rises like mountain.
Less enchantingly, Bilawal has drawn attention to Sindh as "Bab-ul-Islam", the gateway of Islam, implicitly endorsing a similarly youthful Mohammed bin Qasim's seventh-century foray into the subcontinent.
Joan Van Loon's Between the Pages takes readers on a journey of discovery and adventure alongside the pyjamaclad main characters in this quick-paced picture book, enchantingly illustrated by Chantal Stewart.
A huge pat on the back too for the North East youngsters who play enchanted children, enchantingly, at the beginning and rather sudden end.
They greeted us as we clambered off the snowmobile on which we'd enjoyed a magical ride, stopping off at a wooden hut deep in the forest that was enchantingly lit up.
She shared her favourite Beirut restaurant - Seza's - an enchantingly retro restaurant set in a flurry of fairy lights in Mar Mikhael district.
The enchantingly simple set and whimsical fairy costumes set the scene well, but it was the excellent cast of confounded lovers, naughty fauns, and talking moons with pet dogs that brought the show to life.
while nostalgic notes echoed enchantingly throughout
A slate path leads through some enchantingly planted borders to a small orchard area.
The fairytale family show enchantingly recreates the moments when eight famous Disney Princesses' wishes are fulfilled.
Terry had just collected a telegram - that's how we do it at the Towers - that had travelled all the way from the enchantingly named faraway place of Thousand Oaks, waving it furiously in the air and screaming: "He's done it, he's done iiiiiittttttt
July 22 was an enchantingly pink summer evening that marked the gala opening of "The Making of David McCosh," free to the public at the University of Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum.
From the beautifully vulnerable "Walk it Back" to the almost comedic swagger of "Alligator Aviator_Autopilot Antimatter," the band employs a rich array of instruments amidst Mike Mills' enchantingly distinctive back-up singing and Peter Buck's energetic guitar.
Whether rendering enchantingly naive patterns in colored pencil or sculpting ceramic heads that combine the tacky craftsmanship of a '70s vase with the exaggerated features of a mask, O'Brien often flirts with kitsch.