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Merlin, we are told, is a composite figure of diverse traditions: on the one side of human parentage, on the other demonaic, and perhaps it is no accident that in Carwyn's whole life no words more completely sum him up than enchanter and counsellor.
The witchcraft woman brought A dragon from her body He read incantation and played role Stop that incantation speech Why you tell that words I heard that she is witch of India I did not read incantation of the Indian witch Do not join o, the enchanter Since your intent was clarified
Lady Vivienne: Enchanter And Adviser Of Empress Celene
Larry Flynt" and "Man on the Moon"), Burton has effectively rendered the story as a sort of mid-20th-century fairy tale, in which a sweet damsel in distress is locked away by an evil enchanter who somehow manages to keep her and the outside world under his spell for more than two decades.
Believe in supernatural things and step into the shoes of an enchanter, as Slots Empires iOS is all about the art of whispering slot machines.
The master manipulator is a somewhat Sevengali-esque figure, Prospero the Enchanter (real name Hector Bowen), who is competing with Mr A H via his daughter Celia and Marco as to who can out-perform the other.
INSPIRED BY FOLKLORE: Nicola Taylor's Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing.
Une initiative qui devrait enchanter les feministes convaincues, a un detail pres.
He encounters the superstitions and lore of local peoples--the terror of vampires, the dangers of sleeping near bewitched springs, even fear among villagers that he may be the prophesied enchanter.
The Killer Rabbit Of Caerbannog John Cleese's Tim The Enchanter wasn't kidding when he said the lovely, fluffy white bunny in Monty Python And The Holy Grail was "the most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on".
Mega-artist, business artist, satirist, art star, enchanter, provocateur and king of kitsch are just some of the ways in which the contemporary American artist, Jeff Koons (b.
In the Chrestomanci universe, an enchanter can learn how to use this kind of power: "[The lesson] was all about the kind of enchanter's magic called Performative Speech.
He tries to be a fearsome and hard hearted enchanter but instead finds himself being kind and thoughtful to the frightening creatures he encounters.
In addition to the two upcoming movie projects, Celestial Pictures also has inked a multiyear agreement for the exclusive worldwide theatrical, TV, mobile and new media distribution rights outside China of The Enchanter, the upcoming movie from Sum-Wood Productions.
Common also is the anti-witching lore and practices which, unlike the institutionalized pogrom in protestant Europe, remained at the level of folk-culture and operated upon an occult physical bond between enchanter and enchanted: shooting/piecing an effigy and putting up a bottle being the most common.