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restrain or bind with chains

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42) Therefore, it can be plausibly maintained that the artist identified the similarities between the two myths in the enchainment to a rock, the presence of a beast, and the presence of a saviour.
has said that the tribal chiefs are trying to face the phenomenal spread of enchainment, which is today responsible for wreaking havoc in the governorate.
Enchainment, commodification and gender in the Balkan Neolithic and Copper Age.
It may be a good will, unlike the demon's; still, it is a created will, and this breaks the enchainment according to which it is imputed to God as first Speaker.
Nor is this encryption arbitrary, for it is retroactively pre-formatted by the enchainment of "I/eye/ile/isle" in "Sleep and Poetry":
enchainment of narration, the fact that, at every point, things might
All of these can potentially lead to different kinds of gains, including improvements in the bias-variance trade-off, new insightful perspectives to the nature of data-generating process and enchainment of robustness to modeling errors (Ramsey, 2002).
It is a myth that at once subtended the possibility of an "objective" enchainment of events and causes and the possibility of a narrative enchainment of discourse.
The enchainment of Tasks transforms a stimulus of the environment in the answer to it.
The third and most treacherous of the climbs is the Everest Lhotse enchainment where adventure fans can trace the footsteps of Simone Moro, a world-class Italian climber, as he ascends Mt.
The structural facilitation of enchainment is limited in comparison with events like tee, but it is important.
To be or not to be left to the uncertainty of an enchainment, Romeo's love and Juliet's enchantment a matter of entrechats and pirouettes, the fall of Caesar to be suggested by an arabesque?
Then, later in the novel xiutopia and xiutopeoum are always related to the protagonists' most terrible punishments, namely Habrocomes' crucifixion, (149) Anthia's imprisonment in the ditch, (150) her enchainment by Rhenaea (151) and her service in the brothel.