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restrain or bind with chains

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Prose literature in Irish chucked off whatever shackles were enchaining it in the fifties and the sixties, and there seemed less need of an injection from abroad than ever before.
Many other examples could be cited showing that the real agenda behind the global-warming scare is about enchaining the planet, not saving it.
Rustico Fillippi, for example, links sonnets into a fixed order by enchaining their rhyme schemes.
Mehrez faults Memmi for failing to subvert the French language and forms in which he writes, thus remaining "caught in the enchaining colonial relationship".
ISLAMABAD -- The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Tuesday approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) aiming at enchaining the quality of law education in Pakistan.
Emerging from the surreal, hazy backgrounds into the hyper-clear foregrounds of the wasteland settings of Orwell, Heller, and Williams are those empowered within various police states to enforce the totalitarian laws enchaining the masses.
But rather than confine himself to one continuous area, as he had previously, the artist now multiplies segments of equal length, folding and stapling each one individually and then enchaining the strips laterally on the wall.
Though his topic is the exploitation of deer rather than the enchaining of slaves, the weeping Jaques of 2.