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bound with chains


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In the absence of such a tax base, you will be enchained to the whims of 'donors' and their financial agencies, without whose support you cannot meet your national budgetary obligations.
Don Quixote manages to free the prisoners, which did not require a tremendous effort from him, as he considers that it is more than enough to take hold of one of the guards, while the enchained individuals break free and come to help him.
In the original comic, if Wonder Woman is enchained by men, she loses her powers.
Portugal continues to deny its slavery crimes, yet we know that this nation was the largest shippers of enchained African bodies across the Atlantic.
Perhaps he's a friendly Brexit devil, who frees from her European prison an enchained Britannia, yearning for the return of her sovereignty, democracy and independent place in world affairs.
Ghotki -- An influential feudal has enchained a woman over a property dispute in Khanpur Meher area of Ghotki.
The enchained safety of UTILITY workers is another advantage to using SETflow.
Drive out fear if you want to get rid of landlords, who have enchained the people.
They choose They choose They choose punishment in punishment in punishment in this world this world this world Enchained & Enchained & suspended suspended upside-down in upside-down in Babylon a pit in Babylon Exegetically Exegetically tied to Q 2:102 tied to Q 2:102 'All al-Suddl Rabi' al-Maqdisi God resolves to create Adam Angels object Adam created anyway [Angels view Humanity humanity embroiled in embroiled in sin sin] Harut and Marut Angels reproach Angels remind accuse humans humans before God of their before God God initial objections to creation of humans They claim they would be righteous judges, even if endowed with human desires God attributes their sins to their distance from His Presence (?
Damas chinas, for example, is constructed of a series of enchained episodes or scenarios that ends with the suggestion of a new one just beginning: "Despues de caminar una cuadra, el nino comenzo a hablar" (Bellatin, Obra reunida.
The women gathered in the city center, enchained themselves to each other and shouted slogans condemning slaying of Arslan which shook the whole country last week.
Within the bounds of mythological/metaphorical narrative, the cave image generally has been taken to represent the city, in which human beings are enchained by shadows, phantasms, customs, until the escaped prisoner will release them and lead them out.
This ambivalent function of English led to a double bind: to read was to be enchained in the name of enlightenment, but not to read was to remain regressive.
Psyche, however, has now embraced the more complete nature of the dream--she can no longer return to her doubtful position enchained on the mountain.
The young activist urged the European Parliament to look beyond Europe to those countries which are suffering where freedom of speech is enchained.