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7,8) Diagnosis during the encephalitic stage may be challenging due to sparseness of organism, and a non-invasive test capable of distinguishing early from late stage disease has not been developed.
Psychiatric disorders in the encephalitic form of multiple sclerosis.
In addition to performing in curiosity museums, freaks such as conjoined twins, encephalitic children, the congenitally deformed, and many other types of authentic and manufactured "human oddities" appeared in ten-in-one shows that traveled with circuses, fairs, or carnivals.
Lineage 1 and 2 strains of encephalitic West Nile virus, Central Europe.
In Paris while the epidemic raged, Wilson himself was prostrated with influenza, manifesting encephalitic symptoms.
27) Postinfectious encephalitic syndrome usually occurs 2 to 3 weeks after recovery from influenza and is rare.
If their postmodern parents demanded their audience also tour backstage and see the technology that made the illusions possible, a strategy that led inevitably to the wearisome self-reflexive navel-staring that alienated a generation of important fiction from any audience larger than the university, this generation, raised within the considerable pressure of Disney and Spielberg, Nintendo and Lucas, wants the audience to stay riveted, to stay convinced that those banjo-strumming country bears and that adorable encephalitic alien hiding amid the stuffed animals, those plucky Italian plumbers rescuing the princess and those intergalactic star fighters are breathtakingly real, or at least real enough.
An alternative, but it must be emphasised tentative, diagnosis, is encephalitic meningitis.
3] Infection has been considered because of transient parkinsonian states following several viral encephalitic infections.
Moreover, the researchers discovered that the neuron density in those six brains was just as low as in the five encephalitic AIDS brains.
H129 is an encephalitic strain that closely resembles a clinical isolate; it is known to be more virulent than classic HSV-1 laboratory strains.
Alphaviruses can be categorized as Old or New World viruses, which are generally associated with febrile illnesses with either arthralgic or encephalitic syndromes, respectively (1,2).
Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus (JEV) is a major mosquito-borne encephalitic flavivirus of rural eastern, southeastern and southern Asia.
4) EEG may show diffuse slowing consistent with a diffuse encephalitic or metabolic process or dysrhythmias of the frontal or occipital lobes.