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a paint consisting of pigment mixed with melted beeswax

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The Hall is home to one of the finest examples of an encaustic tiled floor in the world.
In 1830 Samuel Wright of Shelton took out a patent for the manufacture of encaustic tiles, which Herbert Minton bought.
Alban's particular claim to fame is the set of sixty-four encaustic memorial tiles that were paid for by descendants and friends in the 1880s.
The collection of 24 art pieces was displayed with various titles including, We See More of The Same using mixed media on Board, The Crises of Occupation, Salvador Option, Friendly Fire, Trace of Blood, All Americans, Beyond the blanket, There Will Never Be Peace, Collateral Damage, Dual State using Encaustic on board, Global Empire Imperial Out Stretch, Layer Upon Dark Layer, Empire of Basea, Great Games, Strike Group, Blow Black, Double Games, Final Hours, Lost Soul, Neither Swallow Nor and a series of Whoever Kills a Soul.
Oasis Roussalka or Eternal Bliss, by Doytchin Roussev [audio-visual, encaustic paintings] - Until October 7
Instant expert JASPER Johns' Flag, painted between 1960 and 1966, is an iconic recreation of the American flag in encaustic and has never been on the public market.
Encaustic wax - described by Pliny the Elder - was a method of using colours with wax to create wall paintings and also on mummy cases.
Slab-built from porcelain, and embellished with encaustic and oil paints, hand-painted silk and stone, the pieces in this series explore the lines between what makes a sculpture narrative and what makes it decorative.
collage and encaustic in Flag, 1954-55--and the trompe l'oeil
TILE AND MOSAIC SALE: Find exclusive Balinese pebblestone, contemporary glass and traditional French Encaustic tile - all on sale - at Classic Tile & Mosaic's second annual warehouse sale.
Encaustic painting is the creative method of choice for Deborah Standard.
These kilns supplied decorative encaustic tiles to all the great medieval buildings in the area and of course the school badge.
Missing encaustic floor tiles are available from pounds 16 each, while new reproduction floors start at around pounds 80 per metre.