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Synonyms for encapsulate

Synonyms for encapsulate

enclose in a capsule or other small container

put in a short or concise form

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Balchem Encapsulates keeps abreast of all advances in safety and regulations in order to satisfy a broad base of customers.
Rather, they have the ability to encapsulate workflow processes, rich content, interactive forms and intelligence to offer levels of dynamic communication not available in any other platform.
The future is indeed bright for Balchem Encapsulates as they continue to build momentum and utilize their expertise and resources to unleash breakthrough solutions into the food technology marketplace to position Balchem for unparalleled success.
In addition, it provides the ability to encapsulate random logic into a new block or break an existing block into smaller blocks.
The word 'not' is absent from our vocabulary and when put to the test, Balchem Encapsulates can create the unthinkable.
CardXX has developed patented technologies to securely encapsulate electronics into Smart Cards and other portable devices or form factors.
This marks Balchem Encapsulates move to become a leader in the global dairy marketplace through their commitment to research and develop new products that will benefit the dairy industry.
CytoTherapeutics' CRIB(tm) system encapsulates living cells in a selectively permeable membrane capsule that, when implanted in a host, renders the cells "invisible" to the immune system.
The IPTube--SS7--MONs encapsulates SS7 Call Detail Messages from Telecom Switches into IP packets for delivery to an SS7 Protocol analyzer.
As a key part of the module production system, the lamination process encapsulates the thin films into a durable and weatherproof package before final assembly and framing.