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Synonyms for encapsulate

Synonyms for encapsulate

enclose in a capsule or other small container

put in a short or concise form

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The usefulness of an encapsulating material is dependent on its ability to efficiently encapsulate, stabilize and release the core material.
The sort of vesicles that encapsulate life on Earth [could] be everywhere throughout the galaxy.
For example, the complicated three-dimensional structures of proteins seldom survive the high temperatures and watery solutions traditionally used to encapsulate small molecules or peptides in biodegradable microspheres that slowly release their contents in the body.
The wines of Houghton truly encapsulate the quality, purity and excellence of wines from Australia's west coast.
in France won a process patent for proprietary tooling designed to completely encapsulate the hollow steel tube without crushing it during molding in high-speed compression presses of 1500 to 2000 tons.
Encapsulated ingredients can facilitate the development of new products, but the materials used to encapsulate ingredients and additives must be able to withstand processing conditions themselves.
has produced a transparent gel, made of porous silica, that can encapsulate living cells.
Both Twinshot versions can reduce resin costs by allowing molders to encapsulate lower-cost materials, regrind, or foam in the core of a part.