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Synonyms for encampment

Synonyms for encampment

a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp

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Without deigning to bestow further words, or to wait for any answer, the savage cast his rifle into the hollow of his arm, and moved silently through the encampment toward the woods where his own tribe was known to lie.
The sunshine yet lingered upon the higher branches of the trees that grew on rising ground; but the shadows of evening had deepened into the hollow where the encampment was made, and the firelight began to redden as it gleamed up the tall trunks of the pines or hovered on the dense and obscure mass of foliage that circled round the spot.
The former was effected by dragging the trunks of a few trees into the intervals left by the wagons, and along the open space between the vehicles and the thicket, on which, in military language, the encampment would be said to have rested; thus forming a sort of chevaux-de-frise on three sides of the position.
Accustomed to scenes of solitude like the present, the old man, as he left the encampment, proceeded alone into the waste, like a bold vessel leaving its haven to enter on the trackless field of the ocean.
Helen Jones, chief executive officer of the Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange, said: "We applaud that Warwickshire County Council is seeking to address the needs of gypsy and traveller families on roadside, unauthorised encampments.
Fees for obtaining an eviction order against unauthorised encampments run into many thousands of pounds and Mr Williams-Ellis claims there is a lack of coherent advice on what private landowners can and cannot do without an order.
A spokesman for the county council said: "While we appreciate there will often be local concern when travellers set up unauthorised encampments, we do work closely with police and partners to ensure they are moved on as soon as possible.
Wherever possible, sites are secured to discourage encampments.
The Nusra Front also surrounded the nearby Rwihana and Breiqa encampments, where other U.
The rebels then demanded that the 75 Filipinos manning two separate UN encampments 4 km apart surrender their weapons, but they refused.
The two day festival includes 1314 Encampment; featuring over 300 performers, as they s tep back in time to June 1314 to explore the bustling encampments and soak up the atmosphere, sights and sounds of medieval life.
A spokesman for the Welsh Government said: "We do not condone unauthorised encampments, however it is clear that the issue of unauthorised encampments will continue until a suitable authorised site is provided by the Vale of Glamorgan.
North Kirklees has seen several encampments in recent weeks and we always work quickly to deal with them.
As protesters seek ways to remain viable without their permanent encampments, they are still supported by the protest chaplains, an interfaith group of pastors, seminary students and other men and women who feel called to walk with the occupiers.
The same difficulties have been encountered at big homeless encampments elsewhere.