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live in or as if in a tent

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Benares was Sir Francis Cromarty's destination, the troops he was rejoining being encamped some miles northward of the city.
Sebastian, encamped round a master whom our readers must have recognized as the famous Luigi Vampa.
If the enemy is taking his ease, he can harass him; if well supplied with food, he can starve him out; if quietly encamped, he can force him to move.
They are going to be encamped near Brighton; and I do so want papa to take us all there for the summer
It was, then, with a sentiment of uneasiness whether Planchet, who alone could give them information, was alive or dead, that the friends returned to the Place Royale; to their great surprise they found the citizens still encamped there, drinking and bantering each other, although, doubtless, mourned by their families, who thought they were at Charenton in the thickest of the fighting.
A third, being encamped on a hunting expedition full forty miles south of the White Mountains, awoke at midnight, and beheld the Great Carbuncle gleaming like a meteor, so that the shadows of the trees fell backward from it.
Soon after General Gage became governor a great many troops had arrived, and were encamped upon the Common.
At length he encamped, caused the bodies of the wagons to be dislodged from the wheels, covered with buffalo hide, and besmeared with a compound of tallow and ashes; thus forming rude boats.
On the 21st, they encamped amidst high and beetling cliffs of indurated clay and sandstone, bearing the semblance of towers, castles, churches, and fortified cities.
After having proceeded some distance further, they landed, and encamped for the night.
These two Indians proved to be spies or scouts of a large war party encamped about a league off, and numbering two hundred and eighty lodges, or about six hundred warriors, of three different tribes of Sioux; the Yangtons Ahna, the Tetons Bois-brule, and the Tetons Min-na-kine-azzo.
During the month that the French troops were pillaging in Moscow and the Russian troops were quietly encamped at Tarutino, a change had taken place in the relative strength of the two armies- both in spirit and in number- as a result of which the superiority had passed to the Russian side.
BILL SHAW, Newcastle Politics A MORALLY lacking game, Those that play it have to avoid any sense of shame, To get to the top they have to bend the rules, Deceit and false promises are their tools, They climb the ladder using political guile While cultivating the political handshake and false sickly smile And use the tricks of oratory to hoodwink and beguile, They exploit the weakness of others and use colleagues as stepping stones In their endeavours to attain political power: castles of sand; Ambitious fools, they reach the top encamped in an ivory tower Until another politician with a greater lack of shame Decides to play the morally lacking political game.
Earlier this month, Hezbollah advanced into Arsal's outskirts from the south and east, tightening the noose around Nusra Front militants encamped in the area.
It was the first time Nawaz had addressed the Parliament on the current political situation, after which his party had said that no force would be used against protesters encamped outside the building.