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Synonyms for encamp

live in or as if in a tent

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He foolishly compelled them to undergo a long, exhausting march, in the scorching sun, and then, without water or other refreshment, ordered them to encamp in this open plain.
 May aches and diseases encamp in their bones,
Let them look round and select a spot whence they can best suppress insurrection, if any prove refractory within, and also defend themselves against enemies, who like wolves may come down on the fold from without; there let them encamp, and when they have encamped, let them sacrifice to the proper Gods and prepare their dwellings.
Through June, July, and August, the young men encamp upon the spacious plain whereon the college stands; and all the year their military exercises are performed there, daily.
We were all this while in the Chinese dominions, and therefore the Tartars were not so bold as afterwards; but in about five days we entered a vast wild desert, which held us three days' and nights' march; and we were obliged to carry our water with us in great leathern bottles, and to encamp all night, just as I have heard they do in the desert of Arabia.
Work on the Dos Valires tunnel, which links the towns of Encamp and La Massana, is scheduled to finish next year.
WHO/WHAT: The two best trucking technicians from each of the 50 states will encamp at Valley Forge to compete for awards and prizes at TMCSuperTech2005, the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council's inaugural National Technician Skills Competition.