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line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family

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By reconsidering the relationship between features in systemic functional networks in relation to Gleason's concept of agnation, Davidse (1998) reveals an important difference between the inherent organization of interpersonal and experiential networks: interpersonal systems are based on agnation, whereas experiential systems are based on enation.
The appendages, or phylloids, were considered to be enations, comparable to the leaves of Lycopodium.
Enation features Jackson's brother, Richard Lee, on percussion.
pisi) and powdery mildew, but is susceptible to Pea enation mosaic virus.
Beans have been developed that produce oil that requires no hydrog enation yet will successfully produce stable cooking oils and margarines with no trans fats.
The Online Reality Check survey, conducted through the eNation service of Market Facts, is the first in a series of studies specifically designed to provide snapshots of consumer opinions on what they believe is working for them online.
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America conducted an eNation online survey, the Allianz Life New Year's Resolution Survey, December 2012, through Ipsos with 1,000 respondents.
Among the virus diseases, Dolichos enation mosaic, leaf roll and Dolichos yellow mosaic disease have been reported to occur in India under field condition (Capoor and Verma, 1950).
Seed companies now have a leg up in breeding new pea varieties with resistance to one of the legume crop's most costly viral scourges, the Pea enation mosaic virus (PEMV).
Once you learn that a certain virus is prevalent in your area--for example pea enation virus in the Northwest or maize (corn) dwarf mosaic virus in the South and East--growing resistant varieties is your best defense.
Jonathan Jackson and Enation, Kristy Thirsk, John Stephens, Cary Judd - Singer-songwriters benefit for Oxfam America's global emergencies fund for tsunami relief, 7:30 p.
Merrit had lower scores for virus infection, mainly pea enation mosaic, when compared with Brewer.
95, 0113 274 8486), Meso-Therapy homeopathic cellulite treatment (pounds 60, 020 7376 1199), Photorejuv enation to fade freckles and veins (from pounds 150, 020 8205 3481).
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America conducted the 2012 Bad Financial Habits Survey, an eNation online survey, through Ipsos in November 2012 with 1,000 panel respondents.
Disturbance in growth regulation results in morphological abnormalities, ranging from a mosaic pattern on leaves and flowers to necrotic spots and streaks to leaf enation and tumours (Luria et al.