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one related on the mother's side

related on the mother's side

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Unlike many new wineries in other parts of Spain, Enate was not able to buy up existing vineyards.
Although there are a few local varieties with promise (favoured by the local Regulatory Council), Enate decided to create what Herve Malnati, their export manager describes as "A New World set up in Europe".
But it's thoroughly in keeping with the innovative approach of Enate that they should appoint a Frenchman to such a senior position and, in Jesus Artajona, to also have a winemaker who, in another French link, learnt his trade at Bordeaux's celebrated Chateau Margaux.
Herve told me that Enate have continued to experiment with new grape varieties and are particularly excited by the results they've achieved with Syrah and Gewurztraminer, but the wines he brought were examples of the success of their initial choices.
Enate Somontana, Great Grog (0131-444 2332), pounds 6.
He suggested that Enate and Capcannes are exceptional values for about $10-11.
eNate provides eNate eNable, a software platform that powers global BPO and Shared Service providers to deliver complex Human Resources, Payroll, Health and Procurement services.
Working with Tableau, eNate customers are now able to harness real time dashboards and analytics to further optimise the performance of their service centres" says Kit Cox, CEO of eNate.
Five-year old Enate builds software that manages the potentially complex relationship between the outsourcing companies and their clients.
The software sits between the two companies and manages the commercial and operational relationships between them," says Kit Cox, managing director and co-founder of Enate.