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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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SAFC Chiral Services, combined with Supelco and Aldrich products for chiral chromatography and chemical synthesis, give Sigma-Aldrich a wide portfolio of capabilities and services to support Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Fine Chemicals and Food and Fragrances companies from early research to final production of high quality enantiomerically pure compounds.
When polarized light passes through a solution containing an enantiomerically pure compound, the light emerges with its plane of polarization changed.
D/L-lactate, D/L-glycerate, and D/L-3hydroxybutyrate, can also be separated enantiomerically by use of DATAN as the derivatizing reagent, without the need to change chromatographic conditions (data not shown).
Design that lessens therapeutic doses without increasing overall potency is already occurring with the emphasis on enantiomerically pure drugs (homochiral drugs), which can have therapeutic advantages over their conventional racemic mixtures.
have reportedly found a way to use enantiomerically pure chiral molecules to make polymers with optical properties four times as stable as the properties of polymers made with conventional precursors.
Thus, chiral drugs extracted from plants and animals are enantiomerically pure.
The study of stereoselectivity has evolved from issues of diastereoselectivity, through auxiliary-based methods for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure compounds (diastereoselectivity followed by separation and auxiliary cleavage), to asymmetric catalysis.
The catalytic systems of interest have the potential to create enantiomerically pure glycerol carbonates and other enantiomerically pure cyclic carbonates.
We are very excited about the future growth of this business, as IEP has demonstrated the introduction of a "green" biocatalytic step in chemical synthesis that can provide significant benefits resulting in the cost efficient, commercial scale production of enantiomerically pure chemical products and intermediates.
This assay uses pseudo-prochiral (H5, D5) malonate diesters, which need only be enantiomerically enriched, which is hydrolyzed under a variety of conditions and monitored by LDI-TOF or ESI-MS.
Indeed, the stereoselective epoxidation of achiral and chiral allylic alcohols using enantiomerically pure titanium-tartrate complexes is known as the Sharpless reaction.
This is in part because of the legal and ethical problems associated with the administration of a Schedule 1 controlled drug and specifically the difficulties in obtaining enantiomerically pure reference compounds for both MDMA and MDA.