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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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continues to enhance the world of enantiomeric separation with the introduction of two new customer-centric packaged solutions, EnantioPrep and ScalePrep, that are intended for high efficiency chiral separation of enantiomers.
It has been demonstrated that the addition of organic co-solvents to the aqueous buffer can dramatically alter the enantiomeric excess (ee) of the hydrolysis reaction.
Among the topics are valence photoelectronic circular dichroism of gas phase enantiomers, the infrared and Raman detection of transient chirality recognition in the gas phase with ethanol as a case study, enantioselectivity in gas-phase ion-molecule reactions, equilibrium methods, deoxy oligonucliotides as chiral references for discriminating enantiomeric amino acids under mass spectrometry, solution-phase versus gas-phase chiral recognition by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry with a case study of two chiral selector classes.
The team reasoned that if our Solar System formed in a massive star-forming region like Orion's, then circularly polarized radiation could have induced enantiomeric excesses in the parent bodies of meteorites and subsequently delivered to Earth.
113) A chiral compound and its mirror image are said to have an enantiomeric relationship to each other and are called enantiomers.
Methylphenidate [12] contains two chiral carbons, and so exists in four enantiomeric forms.
Ropivacaine is an enantiomeric isomer of bupivacaine that has similar anaesthetic properties, but is potentially less cardiotoxic and neurotoxic (11-14).
The existing commercial projects have demonstrated that it is often cheaper to produce single enantiomeric drugs with chromatography rather than use traditional technologies such as crystallization and/or asymmetric synthesis.
Many attractive features of cyclodextrin, covalent or noncovalent catalysis, and enantiomeric catalysis arise from the specific interaction between cyclodextrin units and guest molecules [3].
It should be noted that DDT was a poor example to use as an enantiomeric insecticide ("Reflections on Insecticides: Mirror forms of agrochemicals set risk," SN: 1/8/05, p.
In all cases, the Stille coupling product 6 was isolated with > 98 percent enantiomeric excess, indicating that the chirality was transferred completely from S during the reaction.
The results of the reduction reactions indicated that as the number of stereogenic centers increased at the linking point on the polymer, the % enantiomeric excess of the alcohols produced during the reaction also increased from 13 % enantiomeric excess to 54 % enantiomeric excess.
FTIR spectroscopy and a commercially available high-throughput FTIR system were used to determine enantiomeric purity [22].