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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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A chapter on the legal perspectives of patent issues surrounding chiral switches and the marketing of single enantiomer switches
Louis, showed that a chiral transition metal based catalyst could transfer chirality to a non-chiral substrate resulting in a product with one of the enantiomers in excess (1).
The court ruling upheld a decision by the Austrian Patent Office to invalidate the product claims of Pfizer's enantiomer patent covering atorvastatin calcium, the active ingredient in Lipitor.
The enantiomers of AM and MA were quantified by comparison of their peak-area ratios (enantiomer of analyte vs corresponding enantiomer of the IS) with calibration curves in which the peak area ratios of enriched calibrators were plotted vs their concentrations using a weighted least-squares regression model.
by the Austrian Patent Office to invalidate the company's enantiomer patent
It only requires 2 to 3 kgs of CSP (Chiral Stationary Phase) to produce up to 100 kgs of desired enantiomer in a few weeks.
The Finnish researchers had made these antibody fragments to specifically latch on to only one mirror-image form, or enantiomer, of a test molecule.
Its direct competitor--let's call it Ocu-Vitae[TM]--uses its own and different proprietary marigold and lychee fruit extracts, yet bearing identical lutein and zeaxanthin profiles (even the enantiomer profiles are identical--yes, these carotenoids live in stereo).
16) were also able to establish a mathematical model to estimate the time since ingestion of 40 mg of racemic MDMA based on the steady increase in enantiomer ratios over time.
The researchers exposed two species of water fleas to varying concentrations of each enantiomer and determined the concentration at which 50 percent of the organisms died.
A major type of stereoisomer is called an enantiomer, which is a mirror image stereoisomer.
In this work, we evaluated individually the anti-inflammatory properties of (-) linalool, that is, the natural occurring enantiomer, and its racemate form, present in various amounts in distilled or extracted essential oils.
Furthermore, the comparison of both o,p'-DDT enantiomers revealed that the L-enantiomer was more active in inhibiting [[sup.
After contributors discuss some of the fundamentals of optimization, Kromidas presents chapters discussing the characteristics of optimization in individual HPLC modes, including RP-HPLC, normal- phase HPLC, gel-permeation and size-exclusion chromatography, affinity chromatography, and enantiomer separations.
and enantiomer ('995) patents providing market exclusivity for Lipitor through